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At IN-LAND®, we firmly believe that our success comes through the prompt customer service and satisfaction they encounter when buying as well as while residing in one of our projects. We have always gone the extra mile with our customers to make them choose their dream home within their budget and location preferences. You can watch the thoughts of some of our delighted customers here online to see exactly what our customers really think of us and our projects.

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Sep 8, 2013 Joe Gonsalves, USA

Indeed Mr.Siraj Ahmed is forging ahead with his Real Estate and building activities and has to his credit several complexes of high standards.

SIRAJ means QUALITY. Here is a builder who does not compromise on quality.

I have known Siraj for nearly three decades as an honest and reliable individual. I have seen his small beginning in an office in Hampankatta and I have also seen him climb up the ladder of advancement. His honesty and integrity has helped him to earn the confidence of people in general from all sections of the society.

What is good to see is that he has invited priests from different communities to bless his project ... What could be better?

I join scores of people in saying 'KUDOS' to Siraj and wishing him the best of everything in his ventures. I have no hesitation in saying that he has the blessings of God and full support from his wife and children apart from friends and relatives.

Joe Gonsalves

Sep 6, 2013 Max and Jessie Rasquinha, USA

Congratulations to M/s. Siraj Ahmed, Meraj Yusuf and Wahaj Yusuf for their joint efforts in embarking upon the INLAND apartment project at Falnir. As you rightly indicated, Falnir is an ideal spot where there is still enough room for residential complexes and it will be a convenient place for all practical purposes

We were truly impressed to witness the presence of the Temple Priest as well as the Church priest in the midsts of few Mullas performing the prayer rituals for the foundation stone laying ceremony. Its a great feeling of joy to see that all faiths are in existence in our construction projects.

Expansion of Real Estate is a symbol of progress also in our economic outlook of India because the modern architecture broadens our mind and feelings for a better standard of life with more job opportunities and benefits for all. God bless Mangalore.