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IN-LAND Builders, Mangalore | Bangalore

The success of IN-LAND group is steered by its dreams, clear-cut goals and constant and continued efforts to convert these dreams into a reality. Headed by Managing Director Siraj Ahmed, a dynamic man known to be realistic, passionate and perfectionist when it comes to his projects, IN-LAND has consistently set benchmarks and trends for others to emulate. His vision and foresight has been the guiding force on which IN-LAND has been striding the path of accomplishment, accolades and extraordinary radiance.

By keeping its fingers on the pulse of the people and being innovative has helped the company to preserve its preeminence in the real estate field in Mangalore, Bangalore and also in Mysore.
IN-LAND has taken a strong foothold and enjoys the goodwill as one of the most trusted and respected names in the real estate arena in Southern India with the carefully nurtured efforts bearing bountiful fruits now. Our signature properties in these emerging cities of Karnataka have added credence to our position as top-notch builders and developers with a distinct identity of its own. And we are making our presence felt wherever we go.

We are determined and committed to use the success of ladder to reinforce our position in this field. Our unbridled enthusiasm and unfenced fervor to provide value for money for our customers will motivate us to further consolidate our position in the real estate field. Our projects bear the IN-LAND stamp that automatically gives the project its signature standard. Today, IN-LAND projects have emerged as an epitome of splendor, grandiose, opulence, magnificence, luxury and comfort – all rolled in one.

We have completed 30 years of business excellence in the real estate sector and in the process traversed through some of the toughest trails. Yet, the journey has been a rewarding and fulfilling experience for the entire IN-LAND team because in our pursuit for excellence we have won the support and trust of the people. The rewarding experience has taught us the nitty-gritty of the real estate business and has emboldened us to serve the people with a renewed focus and vitality.

Each projects promoted by IN-LAND is an architectural marvel in itself and bears testimony to our penchant for that distinct and technological superiority. Moving with the times and keeping attuned to the changes and latest fads in the construction industry has helped the company to provide people with ultramodern amenities and state-of-the -art lifestyle comforts. Most of our projects are located in serene and picturesque milieu which is the envy of others. Our reputation has won us newer clients and our list of clientele in growing at an amazing swiftness. Our projects provide value for money for our customers, the value of which never diminishes with the passage of time.

We at IN-LAND intently believe that living in IN-LAND gives our customers the complete satisfaction of living life king size and to its fullest. IN-LAND is the other name for ultimate comfort, luxury, lifestyle and true value for money and we are proud of this unique identity we have carved for ourselves.

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